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Employment Opportunities Course(1)(1)

Employment Opportunities Course(1)(1)


A course dedicted to helping you acquire the language skills needed for seeking employment in China

What can the Pronunciation & Grammar Patterns Course do for you?

This course excels at improving the accuracy of the student’s pronunciation.

It also teaches students the most important grammar patterns through the use of examples. These examples are based on frequently occurring patterns in daily Mandarin conversations. Your learning will also be reinforced by plenty of self-check quizzes.

What are grammar patterns? Why are they important?

Grammar patterns refer to certain words which are always used together with other words, forming a set of structures conveying a specific meaning. Grammar patterns are used widely everyday by native Chinese speakers to communicate with each other. Thoroughly learning these grammar patterns is an essential component of learning to speak Chinese well.

How learning Chinese can help you.

Acquiring fluency in Chinese opens the door to expanded job and business opportunities. Chinese fluency can also assist those who seek to enrich their knowledge of Chinese culture and history or who simply wish to communicate better with Chinese-speaking persons. Although nothing worthwhile comes easily, TryChinese’s courses are designed to effectively assist students in overcoming the challenges of learning Chinese. Along with the student’s hard work and commitment, TryChinese can be an essential component in the student’s path to speaking clearly and confidently in Chinese.

How do we learn how words are pronounced in Chinese? Why do we need a course for Chinese pronunciation?

The pronunciation of Chinese words can be represented by using letters of the Roman alphabet. The current official system of Mandarin Chinese Romanization in China is known as “Pinyin”.  The word sounds which are represented in Pinyin can sound quite different than if one were to merely read those sounds as if they were syllables of an English word. In some cases, these Chinese sounds have no exact equivalent in the English language.  To further complicate matters, each Chinese sound can be spoken in one of four tones (not including a neutral tone). Different tones for the same sound often results in a different meaning.  Again, there is no actual equivalent of this in English. Therefore, careful study is especially required for English-speakers.

The sounds represented in Pinyin form the fundamental bedrock of spoken Mandarin Chinese. Failure to properly learn how to pronounce these sounds and put them together will inevitably lead to poorly spoken Chinese.  Many teaching materials only spend one – two weeks teaching students proper pronunciation. Unfortunately, for many students this is not nearly enough time to fully acquire the knowledge and skill required for proper pronunciation. This can result in the development of bad pronunciation habits which will be much more difficult to correct later on.  Therefore, TryChinese has created this course to address this critical issue and provide students with a strong foundation in spoken Chinese.

Common Indications that you would benefit from the Pronunciation and Grammar Course.

1. After studying Chinese pronunciation for several months or years, you are still unconfident about whether native Chinese speakers will understand you when you try to pronounce Chinese words.

2. You can understand each word when listening to or reading a sentence, but still do not understand the whole sentence. In addition, you continue to struggle with using and comprehending Chinese phrases and sentence constructions in real life conversations.

3. You do not feel confident when speaking with native Chinese speakers because you are worried about using the wrong phrases or misunderstanding what is being said.

If any of the above describes your situation, then you should consider taking the Pronunciation and Grammar Patterns Course.

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