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How can I solve students’ problems in my teaching?

Issuing time:2020-06-28 19:16

Student’s problem:

One day, Ms. Rifkind, a Chinese learner for almost 2 years, told me that she would introduce herself in Chinese in an upcoming conference presentation. She would communicate in Chinese to the investors, professionals and parents during coffee breaks, at cocktail and dinner tables. And so she might like to learn and practice Chinese around these topics with me. The following is her message to me:

During April 15-20, I will be presenting (in English, after a courtesy self-intro in Chinese) at two conferences for affluent families/investors on the topic of "How Americans make decisions about education for their children". After the presentations, I will be socializing with the group.   Also, we will be meeting with investors in Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Beijing.

My Solution:

1. I made a specific list of the topics that we would learn on Chinese classes

1) Greetings and introductions at different occasions:

· Greetings and introductions by name, title, position, industry, talking about interests, work experiences and life in New York during coffee breaks, cocktails, dinner table.

· Extended self-introduction in a conference presentation.

2) The topics of education between China and America:

· School application process and admissions, K-12, higher education in US.

· Differences between Chinese and American education systems.

· Differences between how Chinese and American parents think about their children’s education and careers.

3) Meetings in clients’ offices.

4) Travel Chinese

Handling business-trip activities (flight, taxi, hotel)

2. I made the customized study materials based on the above topics, the materials include:

1) Explanation & examples of how key words and sentences structures are used.

2) Text of PDF about the topics, including dialogues, speeches and comments.

3) My recording for the texts.

4) After class reading on Chinese social etiquettes, the education status in China.

3. I created more opportunities for her to practice:



       Conversation Practice


       Pronounce Training

4. I gave her my corrections to her mistakes, my feedback on her work, and the summary of the classes.

5. I gave some advice on how socialize with different group of Chinese people at different occasions.

Different group of Chinese people:

Parents, professors, investors

Different occasions:

conferences, meetings, coffee breaks, cocktails, dinner table

Productive results:

There’s no doubt that finally Ms Barbara speaks better, fluently and confidently.

When she said " Thank you Joanna", I just wanted to say that " I believe that nothing worthwhile comes easy and how excellent you are! On the road to being fluent in Chinese, Thank you for choosing me”.

Student said that the meeting was a complete success & Thanked me for my support:


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